For the soul-lover

My restless mind dissolves
When you play on the strings of grace
No thoughts
No desires
Only burning us fire

In your eyes
I lose myself
I can’t contain this love any more
It does not belong to this world

It is a mystery
an ecstatic gift we seek
when you hold me in your embrace
I see God’s light in your face

And then

You pierce your fingers into my soul
passionate and free
Allowing your love
to whisper your name
endlessly in me

Do you love yourself..?

Woke up today feeling LOVE for myself, cuddling my own body with tenderness and appreciating who I am, telling myself words of sweetness and kindness. How do you show love to yourself? Are you gentle when you touch yourself? Are your words loving or abusive ? Do you look at yourself in the mirror with a kind and loving gaze? Are your eyes sparkling with joy when you feel yourself? Do you give yourself support and care or do you reject and judge yourself in your impatience? Do you eat what is healthy and nurturing? Do you meditate to sooth your mind?

There are many simple practices of SELF LOVE. At first they may sound very strange to you. Touching your own body with love, speaking loving words directed at yourself..? But how strange is to be giving love to others but forgetting about ourselves? How strange is to not appreciate your body while admiring the bodies of others?

We weren’t taught to care for ourselves but others. Always looking for the point of love on the outside. Perhaps today, you could start with yourself instead. How does it feel to look into your own eyes in the mirror and say – I love you, and just hang in there for some time, observing how your eyes change, how your smile arises, or maybe it feels utterly uncomfortable, strange, weird? Well, in truth, it should feel comforting, kind and motivating so you can go into the world with loving heart. If you know how to love yourself you know how to allow for love to simply be around you, as in you.

Be kind and loving to yourself

Writer and words are passionate lovers

They come through me but not from me.
They never truly belonged to me
yet I wanted to take an ownership of them.
These words,
sometimes so heavy
that I cannot even hold them
on my shoulders.
Other times
playfully tickling my neck
with their fingers.
When we meet
in our intimate fusion
of their spirit and my hands
we create the most arousing
play of sensuality.
I love how they whirl
and dance effortlessly
when I let them.
I always felt envious
of their liberated attitude.
When I write
I do not see just words.
I see life in every letter.
I see worlds and galaxies
human eye cannot see.
I feel their emotional
softness and hardness.
I hear them laughing.
I love them
yet I wanted to keep them
for myself,
playing in front of my heart
to entertain me
during silent nights.
I did not want them to leave
and dance for others.
I see now.
It has been
a selfish kind of love.

Raw Humanity

I know it is not always easy to open in vulnerability
I know it is often scary in remembrance of our past hurt
I know that we lack in self love


Let the tears wash all over you
like cleansing waterfalls
Let the smile move through
every inch of your skin
Take little steps
and gently put your feet
on the mothering you soil

Embrace yourself
Dance naked
Sweat your loneliness
Cry out your pain

We are made
of vulnerable sparks of love
and a handful of wildness

In our Truth
We are Sacred
We are Magic
We are Whole

Moving into love, not into fear

In between of you and I
is a wall
so real in its falseness
I almost believed that you are
nothing else but danger

In between of you and I
fear and love
dance together
melting soul to soul

In between of you and I
is an empty canvas
for new landscapes
of Truth
to be painted

Don’t be scared
Give yourself
into the arms of ecstatic
motion of our
vulnerable, soft hearts

Don’t be scared
We can dance with fear
And find bliss in that

Divine Dance in Rishikesh

We Are
in a mystery of a moment
in a blink of an eye
So lucid
So fragile
A moment
opening its arms
for us to behold it

We Are
Lovers of Life
Intoxicated in a dance
with Existence
Singing God’s name
rejoicing his presence
In the wind
In the sunset
In each of us

We are
expression of divinity
lovingly praising
the storm to come
and the silence
that follows
right after
seeing perfection
in everything that is
knowing that
after chaos
there is always